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LED Light Catalogue

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Destination: Kuwait
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Last Updated: 2017-02-26 13:58
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My name is Yousef ****, I am an electrical engineer and the Business Developer In-Charge at a company in Kuwait.  We are a leading trading company operating not only in Kuwait but also in the GCC region.  We are part of a family trading conglomerate that has been operating in this region since mid nineteenth century. We are active in several sectors and cooperate with global manufacturers supplying products to many government bodies and institutions.
Our policy is to serve and develop our business sectors through participating in competitive bidding to provide our clients with best products at the lowest prices and most favorable terms; having said that please note that we are not a trading company or re-sellers.
We are cooperating with various Ministries in Kuwait, Oil and Gas Companies and Private sector. As we all know "LED Lighting"  is the future of lighting technology for various reasons. There are a lot of tenders and semi-tenders being prepared by a number of entities in our region so as to change their old lighting systems (CFL and Halogen ..etc) and fixtures to the new LED technology. 
Our intention is to work exclusively with you in Kuwait. We are hoping to join forces with you to capture together a significant part of these tenders/opportunities.
We look forward to working with you and to know more about your products and services. We would like to have your product catalogs, data sheets and price lists for further cooperation between our companies. 
Thank you in advance.

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