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Lighting Manufacturers: How to Build a Website that Ranks and Converts

If you're fickle-minded (浮躁), stop reading this article because they're rubbish to you.
Every business owner wants a website with organic traffic from the almighty search engine Google. But the heartbreaking fact in China is that literally a vast majority of entrepreneurs knows little about the decisive factor in ranking a website. It's YOU, not the website building companies, nor the search engine optimization (SEO) companies, that decide the prosperity of your own web property.

Forget about SEO
I can help chuckling when a businessman mentions SEO when he asks for my advice on his website. It seems he is already familiar with search engine optimization but this piece of superficial knowledge is actually distracting him from building a valuable site. I feel sick of a website builder bragging about his SEO capability. SEO is a thing of past and there's no shortcut to rank a site. Stop daydreaming.
Internet Marketing = Sales Marketing
Marketing online is the same as marketing in the real world. If you believe the so-called SEO company will rank your website and generate leads for you, why don't you fire your own sales team and ask the SEO team to do offline marketing for you? Obviously no external service can replace your sales team. Internet marketing for a business is the extension of its sales marketing to the web world. Your website helps attract your online audience just the way your salesman persuades your customers in a lighting trade show. 
Train Your Staff to Speak Online
You might really need to review your team if they can not speak online. By 'speak' I mean to describe your products, illustrate their uniqueness, and express explicitly to the online audience via your website. If your salesmen are unable to write something about your products I bet your people do not even know the mechanisms, features and benefits of your own products. How do you expect to make a successful internet marketing if your own team can not speak online? Poor language level is not an excuse. You do not need to write a product description in flowery language with literary grace. Just write an accurate and comprehensive copy with focal points standing out. If you take pride in your products, you've got a lot to present to your customers. Brainwash your team and make them proud of your products, they'll have the inspiration to deliver what your customers are interested in. 
online Engagement = Trade Show Marketing
Trade shows present incredible marketing opportunities. A poorly designed booth won't attract traffic and solicit engagement. An effective trade show marketing necessitates unique booth attractions, marketing literature, promotional materials, digital illustrations, giveaway items, and informed sales representatives to highlight what is appealing about the company. online marketing campaigns are literally the same. An attractive, informative, and interactive website helps build your brands, generate sales leads, and strengthen relationships with customers and key prospects. Search engines love engagement. Good user engagement on your website provides a measurable benefit to a site's external popularity and contributes to high rankings.

Increase Your Conversion Rate
The potential of your online marketing's conversion rate is determined by the value proposition which means the level of interest your website generates to your prospects (potential customers). In the B2B marketing world the promise of value, to a large extent, is based on credibility. A clear, open and honest company profile helps build your customers a powerful first-time impression. Unfortunately this is often neglected by manufacturers. Likewise, testimonials and case studies of other satisfied customers nearly always helps conversions. Similarly, the accuracy and richness of online document helps build credibility and ultimately improves your campaign's conversion rate.
Sorry for such an empty talk, but I have to tell you this painful truth. Building a biz-friendly lead generation website is identical to manufacturing a high quality product. It takes time, knowledge, investment, and engagement. Big players like Philips and GE Lighting are working diligently on their web properties, why couldn't you?
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