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Shaoxing Eastar Lighting Co., Ltd.

Commercial lighting fixtures, industrial luminaires, roadway and area lights, sports and stadium lighting fixtures, o...

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  • Phone: 86-153-7255-1198
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    Baiguan Industrial Zone, Shangyu, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Headquartered in Shangyu, Zhejiang, China, Eastar Lighting designs, manufactures, and sources a wide range of lighting solutions for your residential, industrial, commercial and specialty lighting needs. The company's product offerings include LED bulbs, commercial lighting fixtures, industrial luminaires, roadway and area lights, sports and stadium lighting fixtures, outdoor decorative luminaires, architectural lighting products, and high performance luminaires for various niche markets. Our sustainable lighting solutions enables professional customers to reduce cost, energy consumption and environmental impact.

Eastar is dedicated to developing innovative solid state lighting products designed to meet the needs of architects and designers to enhance contemporary working and living environments. The manufacturing of high performance LED luminaires is a complex process, from engineering to delivery to the end user. Our integrated manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest die-casting equipment, CNC machining centers, cold forging machines, wave soldering machines, SMT assembly lines, high speed SMD chip mounters, reflow ovens, solder paste printers, and luminaire aging lines. Our manufacturing team is cross-trained to flexibly change roles, delivering OEM / ODM services ranging from industrial design, prototype development and fixture manufacturing, to integration, consolidation and inspection. Our experienced in-house engineers aslo collaborate with key suppliers and sub-contractors to integrate their expertise in light sources, optics, thermal management, power systems, control systems into our manufacturing process.

With a passion for perfection, our quality control is performed in every stage of production, from receiving inspection, inprocess inspection, to final inspection and performance testing. Our luminaire testing facility is equipped with a complete range of photoelectrical (optical, electrical, opto-electronical) measurement and calibration instruments. These sophisticated equipment include EMC (electromagnetic compatability) testers, UV irradiance meters, luminance meters, goniophotometers, illuminance meters, aging & life test systems, thermal analysis systems, optical radiation safety test systems, start-time & flicker testers, etc.

Eastar Lighting maintains an unsurpassed understanding of the lighting industry. We pride ourselves on being responsive and passionate in customer communication in an effort to accomplish our commitment in delivering performance and value at prices that meet our customers' expectations. This commitment drives us to continuously develop and improve our products and the manufacturing processes necessary to fulfill the ever-changing needs for high quality, cutting-edge, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly lighting solutions.
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