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Accent lamps are directional lighting fixtures to highlight a specific object or surface feature, or to draw attention to a part of the field of view. Accent lamps deliver concentrated beams of light to feature and dramatize targeted objects, instead of large surfaces. Accent lighting is typically employed for decorative purposes to enhance the stylistic theme or design of the space. Accent lights generally adjust for aiming and can be track mounted for flexibility, or recessed to integrate with downlights. Providing visual interest and points of interest with accent lighting may add clarity to the overall composition that assist with wayfinding in large spaces. Variations in color or intensity over time will add dynamic elements to make a space more appealing and less monotonous. Add a contemporary feel to your rooms making use of these attractive accent lamps. Whether your home is decorated in neutral, sophisticated hues or furnished with bright pops of color, an accent lamp offers a touch of casual elegance and complement easily with any type of color scheme.
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