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A disco ball light is an LED rotating light bulb which generates eye-catching colors rotating with the bulb and create an appealing strobe disco effect. The general effect of such a display system is a stunning harmonizing of color illuminations with musical sounds. This makes it great for putting in a fun and unique decoration to various occasions and events such as discos, bars, pubs, KTV rooms, stages, festivals, roller skating rinks, ballrooms, weddings, various celebrations and etc. The LED ball light can be voice controlled to create strobe effects and six colors change between red, green, blue, purple, orange, and white. Make a choice from the automatic or sound responsive modes. In the sound responsive mode, hook up the light to your phone via bluetooth and enjoy as the lights pulsates to the beat of your music! The light operates on batteries so you're able to put it in any location without getting upset about the wires showing or finding an outlet in a good location.
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