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PAR56 RGB LED Pool Lights IP68 LED Underwater Lights
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6W…61W LED Underwater Fountain Lights | RGB/Single Color Submersible Pond Lights
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LED underwater lights create an exceptional setting for any underwater environment while significantly cutting down power consumption and maintenance costs, as compared to traditional light sources. Modern designs for swimming pools, fountains, ponds, aquariums, park lakes, and water stages typically provide lighting beneath the waterline for the safety and for aesthetic considerations. The pleasure of any water feature is extended with underwater lighting. Ponds and water features are revitalized during the night time with the addition of underwater lighting. LED underwater lights are fully sealed, weatherproof, and made of aluminum with stainless steel hardware for durability and corrosion resistance. They are IP68 submersible rated for all residential or commercial water-features. The energy efficient colored LEDs can cycle through colors at different intervals and in varied sequences of color. LED underwater luminaires comes inspot or flood configurations. The lens geometry provides a choice of a wide angle light position (flood lighting) for greater underwater coverage and reflection or a narrow angle light position (spot lighting) for increased underwater light intensity and distance. Spot configurations are well suited for specialty applications while flood configurations work well for general area lighting. A reflector helps direct light toward the pool bottom to further improve intensity and color effects, while reducing glare. LED fountain fixtures are pre-programmed and synchronous with each other and provides a wide array of lighting effects and options.
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