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LED Lights for Russian Market

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Destination: Russia
Valid Through: Never expires
Last Updated: 2017-02-23 21:23
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Our company is 20 years working in Russia .
We develop several directions in which we achieved very good results (we are engaged in supplies for restaurants and hotels in Russia, we have a network of stores unique gifts).
At this time we are developing LED lighting industry (different objects ..architectures and   decoration lighting, industrial lighting, LED filament Bulb, LED track lighting.. etc. ..) 
We cooperate with many architects in Russia, and we have the opportunity to receive regular orders. 
We only work with factories, this provides a large number of our customers the best prices, faster delivery of goods and therefore the best service, it increases the number of sales. 
We found information about your wonderful !! product, and our customers are interested in this equipment . 
We would be grateful if you would send us your catalog, price list,information about the availability of products in stock , etc., in order that we might be interested in. This information of our potential buyers. 
The more information and high-quality illustrations we can get from you, the faster we will be able to make the first orders.
We look forward to your attention to us, we are very interested to start with you a long and fruitful work.
Many projects are planned for early next year, but until then we need to win these orders and the customer need to hold coordination on all technical data, expertise, can order some samples. 
It's a long process in the preparation of a large corporate order.
Currently we have an urgent request for better and faster delivery at prices the following fixtures: 
1- T8 LED TUBE LIGHT- 600 MM -3875 pieces 
- With rotate cap 
- Need full specifications, description scheme 
-availability stock 
-Your location (for faster delivery to the port) 
2- LED WALL VASHER white / colored light 
- Size 150cm, 700 pieces, 120 cm + 90cm + 60cm-300 piece
-We will send  scheme premises , you may have to offer the best size.
- Need controllers for each house

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