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Full/Half Spiral, 2U, 3U, 4U, Globe CFL Bulbs

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Destination: Mexico
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Last Updated: 2017-02-21 18:55
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I´m in charge of the development of products and suppliers. At the moment, I´m looking have more options of suppliers, that allow me a best development of commercial relationships, getting more competitive prices and quality improving. As you know, the regulations and official audit have been increasingly stringent in Mexico, for this reason, is very important be as attached as be possible to the official rules and regulations (NOM\'S--ANCE), not only at the beginning of the purchase if not during this.
I am mainly interested in the saving bulbs, both the warm light as the cold light, and in the different models as you can have, whit different power (w) in Full Spiral, Half Spiral, 2U, 3U,4U, Globe Bulbs, High Wattage CFL Bulbs. I require you send me full specifications and prices in a table where the price and specifications appear simultaneously. An example of specifications I require, are the next th at corresponding to one of the saving bulbs that we sell here:
Power (watts): 7
Equivalent (watts): 25
Cap or base: E27
Voltage (Volts): 127
Operating Frequency (Hz): 60
Luminous flow (lm):190
Color temperature (°K): 6500 or 2700
Type of light: cold white or yellow warm
Luminous efficiency: (lm/w): 33
Current Intensity (mA):78
Note: This specifications of voltage and hertz are for Mexico one of the most important, among others,so is very necesary that always match the real with the required

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