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Landscape LED Bollards Deliver a Stunning Beauty of Lighting Art

Make your yard stand out with this fiber cut LED bollard light that combines modern presion-machining technology with the stunning beauty of lighting art. Finished in a sleek the marine grade #304 stainless steel or #6063 aluminum housing with UV resistant polycarbonate lenses, these lights cast brilliantly colored low ambient lighting to the surrouding area with an unobtrusive feel. Visual appeal combined with high quality construction make the bollard an excellent fit for landscape lighting applications where low mounting heights are desirable. They are perfectly suited to embellish and enhance the comfort of parks, walkways,  entranceways, recreational activity sites and building entryways. The bollards complete a magical setting and tie-in architectural elements to create a gorgeous effect that sets projects apart. They are also designed with optical performance required of a modern outdoor luminaire for uniform, seamless illumination to create safe, inviting environments.. A super durable polyester powder coat finish is electrostatically applied for maximum hardness and exterior durability.


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