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HTTPS/SSL secure connection on the lighting industry portal

manufacturer.lighting integrates not only the vertical expertise in the lighting industry, but also the mainstream technology to ensure secure online data transmission and enhance user experience. We're one of the first B2B industry portals served over HTTPS, adding a secure layer on top of the traditional, less secure HTTP web protocol. All of the webpages hosted on manufacturer.lighting, including our members' subdomains, are implemented with a 2048-bit root strength certificate. This is a rare measure taken on other B2B sites, which shows our dedication to this industry, although the implementation of wildcard HTTPS protocol increased the overall cost and complexity of web application. Websites bound with HTTPS connection helps the user perform secure data transmission by encrypting the session with the SSL Certificate. Google's Chrome and other mainstream browsers will label HTTP sites as non-secure. So the transition to HTTPS is necessary and we take the lead. In China the web encryption awareness falls far behind the global trends. Among the B2B sites, only Alibaba and manufacturer.lighting adopted HTTPS/SSL protection. Considering we're one-man team (as of now) and lack of financial support, this move testifies our strong mind in building a trusted web portal and business community for the lighting industry.

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