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Block-China-IPs Feature Addresses Concern of Unwanted Product Exposure for Lighting Manufacturers

I love where I was born and am living - China. The topic about blocking China IP addresses is sensitive and even a bit sad when we had to find a solution to cater to those who do not want much exposure of their products in China. Copycats are everywhere, but the only thing they can not copy is brand. When you have a branding strategy executed throughout the process that covers design, production, marketing and customer service, plagiarism or patent infringement will no longer be a concern.

For lighting manufacturers, business branding does not necessary mean that you have to register a brand name. Foxconn Technology Group, the largest contract manufacturing company in the world, carved out its own way of achieving sustainable growth with OEM/ODM services. They do not have their own brands but their business branding is extraordinary. The positive perception that global partners have when they hear or think of Foxconn's business integrity, production management, technology and service makes it a powerful weapon to wipe out concerns associated with low end assembly business. Here at manufacturer.lighting, we not only market manufacturers' products but also their corporate brands.

That being said, we realize the intrinsic concern from some manufacturers and do our best to address it. The Block-China-IPs feature is probably exclusive among the B2B platforms. It took us an entire week to build the script with assistance from an outsourced, top-level web programmer. Unlike sitewide IP blocking, the difficult point was selective (member-specific) execution of IP blocking. Gladly we made it. With this feature our members can block the web traffic from Chinese IPv4 addresses on their product listings while the overseas visits will not be affected. To activate this feature please contact our staff.

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