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Horticultural & Agricultural Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers
Lighting products designed exclusively for the agricultural industry for improved production and sustainability. LED grow lights encourage the photosynthetic process in plants for a wide range of horticulture applications, including algal cultures, tissue cultures, germination and growth chambers, green houses, and aquatic plants. In poultry farming, artificial lighting are employed in livestock production facilities to simulate night and day for fowl such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, ostriches, emus, or game birds which are exposed to light in the wavelength effective in growth and fattening of the poultry, so that meat and egg yield can be increased.
Horticultural & Agricultural Lighting
  • Shenzhen Houyi Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Houyi Lighting is a manufacturer of specialty lighting products including: LED grow lights, LED nail lamps, underwater LED lights, and LED aquarium lights, etc. The company has extensive experience and expertise in utilizing color spectrum of LED l...
  • Products: LED grow lights, LED nail lamps, underwater LED lights, and LED aquarium lights
  • Shenzhen Cidly Group Co., Ltd.
  • Cidly is the leading horticultural lighting manufacturer in China. The company was founded in 2009 with the goal of revolutionizing the future of farming with technologies and innovations to improve growth and extend the growing season of commercia...
  • Products: LED grow lights, LED aquarium lights
  • Shenzhen Sanxinbao Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Sanxinbao Lighting is one of the top developers and manufacturers of LED grow lights and LED aquarium lights in China. Founded in 2011, Sanxinbao continues to grow and offer a wide range of high performance, cost effective aquarium and horticultura...
  • Products: LED grow lights, LED aquarium lights

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