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Lighting Controls Manufacturers and Suppliers
Lighting controls are an essential component of any lighting system, serve multiple purposes, automate the operation of lighting devices throughout a building or residence based upon preset time schedules, occupancy and/or daylight sensing, and range from simple user-activated switches, dimming controls to advanced scene controllers, automatic sensor controlled systems, and networked digital control systems. Lighting control systems use various protocols such as 0-10V, DMX512, DALI, and Dynalite. Protocols that target building automation in general, such as X10, LonWorks, C-Bus, and ZigBee as well as industry standard networking protocols such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and HomePlug are also employed for lighting control. Lighting control systems typically take advantage of sensors, e.g. infrared sensors or passive infrared (PIR) sensors, ultrasonic sensors, acoustic sensors, mircrowave sensors, and photosensors to switch or dim the lighting in a space based on the detection of occupant movement.
Lighting Controls

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