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Retail Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers
Retail lighting is about creating an engaging shopping experience as well as building lighting scenarios to bring out the character of a brand. Lighting is an effective marketing tool that leading retailers separate themselves from the competition. In today's hyper-competitive fashion retail environment, a perfect lighting design can accentuate merchandise, reinforce store themes, emphasize distinctive features and enhance retail displays for maximum impact. Retail lighting fixtures are designed to create a memorable shopping experience and bring out the best in the stores and items they illuminate. Modern LED technology has opened up completely new possibilities in creating inspiring and visually interesting retail lighting solutions. LED track fixtures, channel systems, and directional spotlights deliver selective contrast for accent lighting and create a focal point for merchandise to be displayed. Recessed downlights combines general lighting and accent lighting within the same fixture. Perimeter lighting or wall washing creates a softer ambiance and more balanced environment to define merchandising spaces, provide vertical lighting and reduce eye strain and eventual fatigue. Decorative lights such as pendants, sconces, chandeliers, table and floor lamps add layers of decor, beauty and style in a retail environment and also contribute a feeling of hospitality and comfort. Rack lighting systems fully illuminate the merchandise and accurately display color and texture. Refrigerated display lighting provides adequate illumination of refrigerated display cases while enhancing the merchandize color perception. LED rigid light bars or flexible light strips provides beautifully unobtrusive, uniform glow for drawing attention to cabinets, shelves, and architectural details. Signage lighting highlights messaging and accentuates a store's brand, image and services.
Retail Lighting
  • Shenzhen COSUN Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
  • COSUN Lighting is a specialized manufacturer of laser dotted LGP (light guide panel) and derivatives including LED light boxes and edge-lit LED panel lights. COSUN pioneered the development and manufacturing of LGP in 2011. Today the company is the...
  • Products: Laser dotted LGPs (light guide panels), LED light boxes, edge-lit LED panel lights
  • Rayconn Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Rayconn Electronics specializes in commercial and retail lighting and manufactures a full palette of options to address the need for a flexible, energy efficient, future-proof lighting system. Rayconn\'s quality line of LED luminaires include track...
  • Products: LED track lights, recessed LED downlights, LED gimbal spotlights, LED pendant lights, surface mounted LED can lights
  • Shanghai Jump Display Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Jump Display Co., Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of digital signage, LED signs and retail displays designed to strengthen brand identity, obtain brand differentiation and reinforce brand value while helping to reduce maintenance and e...
  • Products: LED channel letters, LED light boxes, neon signs, window displays lighting, retail store decorative lighting, acrylic display stands
  • Guangzhou Gracion Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Gracion Lighting is a commercial lighting manufacturer that offers a cutting edge portfolio of high performance LED lights purpose-built to address the stringent lighting requirement of retail and...

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