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Sports & Stadium Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers
Find manufacturers and suppliers of sports and stadium lighting fixtures designed to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces, from stadiums and arenas to field houses, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and golf courses. large area lighting systems are typically employed for competitive sports that require higher illuminances and better quality lighting than social and recreational play. Specifically, sports fields for soccer, baseball, football, or basketball games may be lit by LED floodlighting luminaires to provide an appropriate luminous environment that contributes to the contrast of the playing target (ball), the competitors, and the surrounding backgrounds, with less undesired uplight, spill, and glare.
Sports & Stadium Lighting
  • Shenzhen Mecree Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Mecree specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing of high power LED flood lights that offer a versatile, robust and efficient solution to many applications, including sports lighting, high mast lighting, industrial lighting, and outdoor a...
  • Products: High power LED flood lights

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