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Any difference between LED drivers and power supplies?

Answered Reward: 1 Credits - Date: 2017-02-25 15:23

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LED drivers and LED power supplies are nearly interchangeable terms in LED lighting. LED power supplies are designed to drive the LEDs to work stably. Vice versa, an LED driver can be viewed as a self-contained power supply comprised of a power source and LED control circuitry to generate outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of LED packages (components) or LED arrays (modules).

However, there is an exception that in LED landscape lighting, for example, a separate power supply is used to function as an electric power converter to convert power supplied from a high voltage alternating current (AC) power source to low voltage direct current (DC) power. A DC-DC constant current driver is then employed to convert the rectified DC power into a predetermined magnitude of DC power through an SMPS for application to the LED packages or LED arrays.
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