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Under Cabinet Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers
Under cabinet lights are a type of incredibly versatile lighting products that can be used to highlight items, serve as aesthetic accents that complement other lighting sources, or provide task, safety, and even ambient lighting. These products are too often underestimated in terms of the benefits they can provide. Under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting to supplement the overall ambient lighting for functional work areas such as kitchen counters, closets, display cabinets, and bookshelves. Under-cabinet lighting therefore reduces shadows cast by the cabinets that may otherwise occur if only overhead lighting is available. Under-cabinet lights are also designed to give a decorative accent that adds a layer of depth to an interior space and highlights decorative features. LED under-cabinet lights come in numerous styles and features such as linear and puck styles, recessed and surface mounting, plug-in, hardwired, and battery power supply, and touch sensor dimmer, mechanical door contact, and push button on/off switching. LED linear under cabinet lights, including flexible LED strips and modular LED light bars, are long, and stretch the entire length of cabinets. Puck lights are round, singular fixtures that create a scallop effect between each puck and provide concentrated pools of light under cabinets.
Under Cabinet Lighting
  • SELF Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • SELF Electronics Co., Ltd. is a distinguished designer and manufacturer of linear, puck, flexible, and track lighting solutions for commercial, retail and residential applications that include task, accent, utility and display lighting. SELF is a r...
  • Products: LED undercabinet lights, LED puck lights, flexible LED strips, LED track lighting systems, battery-operated under cabinet lights
  • Prosperous (Ningbo) Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.
  • Prosperous Lighting is a premier manufacturer of undercabinet lighting, bathroom vanity lighting and commercial lighting products. Since its establishment in 2001, Prosperous Lighting has focused its business solely on manufacturing state-of-the-ar...
  • Products: Undercabinet lights, bathroom vanity lights, LED downlights, LED track lights
  • Ningbo Technic Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo Technic Lighting Co., Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of under cabinet light fixtures for task, accent, and display lighting in a plethora of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality lighting projects. Technic Lighting is committe...
  • Products: Linear under cabinet lights, LED puck lights, LED reading lights
  • Zhejiang Nasun Electron Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Zhejiang Nasun Electron Technology Co., Ltd. is a lighting manufacturer with a long history of business presence in the North American market. Early in 1997, Nasun became a Home Depot supplier and shipped 20 containers of under cabinet lights to No...
  • Products: Under cabinet lights, LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED puck lights, LED corn bulbs, LED wall lamps

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