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LED Puck Light for Under Cabinet Lighting
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Cabinets, as are typically found in the home, are susceptible to inadequate illumination. Under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting straight onto countertops and work surfaces. Under-cabinet lighting hence reduces shadowing of the task surface (e.g., countertops) that may otherwise happen if only overhead lighting systems were installed. LED Under-cabinet puck lights provide several pools of lights to the countertop surface and therefore are used typically in kitchens and display cabinetry for providing illumination on the working surfaces in kitchens as well as for application in highlighting objects in display cabinets. These lights are generally cylindrical disc-shaped housings. The housings include a reflector, a lighting module, and a glass lens for transmitting light from the housing to the countertop surface underneath the cabinet. In addition to offering enhanced convenience for everyday living, the LED under-cabinet light is furthermore an effective light source to have on hand in the home or office in the course of emergency situations, in the event of a power outage. The round-shaped lights work nicely as under-cabinet lighting or to make stored items in a closet or pantry more visible. They also come in handy in a dark stairwell or hallway. The battery-operated under-cabinet does not have any messy cords to contend with, no need for a nearby outlet, and involves no wiring for installation for maximum space efficiency and straightforward set-up. The cabinet light is made of die-cast aluminum, a sleek and stylish design so it fits fantastic anywhere such as in closet, cabinets, counters, utility rooms, bathroom, drawers, tool boxes, pantries, trophy shelves, jewelry case, decorative, backlighting and more. The SMD LEDs deliver maximum reliability, performance and color consistency. Its low profile design makes it perfect for under cabinet, under shelf and task lighting, where reliability, functionality, color quality and consistency are desired. The lightweight and detachable design makes it versatile enough for use as a nightlight in hallways and bedrooms or as a cabinet or closet light for dim areas.
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