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Interior Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers
Light fixtures for indoor applications. They are complete lighting units which integrate optical control devices designed to distribute the light, mechanical components required to support or attach the luminaire as well as heat sinks and heat dissipaters to conductively remove heat generated by the LEDs, sockets or mountings to provide mechanical support for the lamp and provide necessary electrical connections, and various electrical and electronic components to start, operate, dim or otherwise control and maintain the operation of the lamps or LEDs. Specifically, interior lighting fixtures include: 1) recessed, surface-mounted, or pendant lighting fixtures such as LED downlights, LED panels, LED troffers, pendants and chandeliers; 2) wall-mounted downlights and uplights such as LED wall sconces for accent and display lighting, and wall mounted vanity lights for general illumination; 3) other indirect, supplementary, or local lighting fixtures which include but are not limited to under-cabinet lights, desk lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, torchieres, valance lights, and cove light fixtures.
Interior Lighting
  • Zhejiang Haoting Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Zhejiang Haoting Lighting Co., Ltd. designs, develops and manufactures an advanced range of interior luminaires including table lamps, under cabinet lights, wall lights, ceiling lights and pedant lights. Haoting Lighting is one of the oldest lighti...
  • Products: Table lamps, under cabinet lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, pedant lights
  • Zhongshan Sover Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Sover Lighting is a desiner and manufacturer of decorative lighting that blends innovative LED technology with minimalist silhouettes. For over a decade, the company\'s unique strategy is based on...
  • Zhongshan Senqiu Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Senqiu Lighting is one of the leading brands of decorative light fixtures in China. Established in 1992 by Tony Ou, Senqiu has grown from a small fixture factory into a conglomerate with strong co...
  • Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Huayi Lighting is a lighting conglomerate with core competencies in designing and manufacturing interior decorative light fixtures. Through over 30 years of vibrant development, Huayi has grown from a purely fixture manufacturer to a global resourc...
  • Products: Ceiling lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, LED downlights, LED track lights, LED panel lights, LED wall lights, LED bollards, LED wall washers, LED floodlights, LED in-ground lights
  • Zhongshan City Kinglong Lighting Factory Co., Ltd.
  • Kinglong Lighting is a leading design house and manufacturer of decorative lighting fixtures in China. The company carries a beatiful array of interior lighting products that include pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lamps, floor la...
  • Products: Pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps
  • Zhongshan Meiyun Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Meiyun Lighting designs and manufactures a breathtaking portfolio of contemporary light fixtures that include ceiling lights, pendant lamps, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Clean lines, exquisite craftsmanship, seamlessly transition, and ...
  • Products: Ceiling lights, pendant lamps, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps
  • Zhongshan Rongde Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Rongde Lighting offers an extensive range of decorative light fixtures in traditional and transitional styles, which are designed with a commitment to fulfill the demanding utilitarian and aesthetical needs of both residential and commercial applic...
  • Products: Crystal chandeliers, wood/iron/glass chandeliers, rope chandeliers, sea shell chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces
  • Zhongshan Scillume Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Scillume Lighting designs and manufactures brass and iron light fixtures including chandeliers, pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights. Since 2004, Scillume has been creating a beautiful array of interior decorative luminaires to c...
  • Products: Brass and iron light fixtures including chandeliers, pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights
  • Zhongshan Wenlian Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Wenlian Lighting is engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of interior light fixtures for decorative and functional applications in home decoration, hospitality lighting and commercial ornamentation. From dazzling crystal chandeliers,...
  • Products: Crystal chandeliers, pendant lamps, ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces
  • Shenzhen Lanhe Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Lanhe Lighting Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of specification-grade LED luminaires for commercial and residential applications. The company is operated as an affiliated manufacturer for HLE Optics (Hong Kong) Limited, who markets its product...
  • Products: LED downlights, LED security lights, LED barn lights, LED wall packs, LED ceiling lights, LED tube lights
  • Foshan Land Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Land Lighting is a diversified interior lighting manufacturer with strong competencies in custom design, product development, high volume contract manufacturing, and market certification. The company\'s product portfolio consists of recessed LED do...
  • Products: Recessed LED downlights, new construction and remodel downlight housings, LED ceiling lights, flat panel LED downlights, LED track lights, bathroom vanity lights, lighted mirrors
  • Adot Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Adot Lighting is a premier designer and manufacturer of Nordic style interior light fixtures including LED ceiling lights, LED pendant lights, LED desk lamps and LED wall lights. With seamlessly sleekness, precise simplicity, purity of timeless geo...
  • Products: LED ceiling lights, LED pendant lights, LED desk lamps, LED wall lights, LED floor lights
  • Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd. (Gopro) is an integrated manufacturer of LED bulbs, interior light fixtures, LED packages, LED backlight modules for displays and flexible printed circuits (FPC). Guangpu Electronics pioneered the application of...
  • Products: LED panel lights, flush mount LED ceiling lights, LED troffers, LED flat panel downlights, LED linear fixtures, LED filament bulbs, SMD LED bulbs, flexible LED strips, 3D illusion night lights
  • NVC Lighting Technology Corporation
  • NVC Lighting is the largest lighting manufacturer in China with products designed for residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor and other infrastructure lighting applications. The company was f...
  • Guangzhou LEDWAY Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
  • LEDWAY is an integrated lighting manufacturer that has full control of the production process from the manufacturing of the LED packages to the end products. By effectively integrating manufacturi...
  • Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Klite is a premier lighting manufacturer with full-blown ODM capabilities in large scale projects and large order fulfillment. The company specializes in entry-level commercial and residential lighting products, including SMD LED bulbs, LED filamen...
  • Products: SMD LED bulbs, LED filament bulbs, LED tubes, LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED tri-proof lights, LED troffers, LED strips, LED flood lights
  • Opple Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Opple lighting is one of China\'s leading lighting brands. The company designs, manufactures and distributes a variety of lighting products for household and commercial applications. Founded in 1996 and initially specializing in CFL bulbs and ...
  • Products: LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED panel lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps
  • Hengdian Group Tospo Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Tospo Lighting, a subsidiary of Hengdian Group, is one of the leading lighting manufacturers and exporters in China. Since the establishment of the company in 1996 Tospo Lighting has made impressive strides in designing, developing and manufacturin...
  • Products: Smart light bulbs, LED filament bulbs, A19 LED bulbs, PAR bulbs, spotlight bulbs, BR bulbs, street lights, flood lights, high bay lights, wall washers, wall packs, landscape lights, security lights

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