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In addition to general illumination for outdoor, indoor, industrial, commercial and residential applications, lighting is employed in various specialty applications. Like any other industry, the agricultural industry seeks to increase production and reduce operating costs of its products. Application of artificial light in plant enclosures is important to help maintain constant day-lengths throughout the year, and to supplement sunlight in an effort to increase photosynthetic activity where sunlight intensity is low. Lighting is a robust exogenous factor in control of many physiological and behavioral processes. Artificial light is essential for the poultry industry to supplement the natural light entering the poultry house. It is well recognized that fish are attracted to light and has been employed in the commercial fishing industry with illuminated lures. Artificial aquarium lights offer an attractive illumination of the aquarium tank and its contents. They also assist the growth of marine life, including marine plants, coral, and potentially algae. In the medical sector, appropriate illumination of the operation site is often desired by the surgeon. Shadowless surgical lights are used in hospital operating rooms to light up surgical sites on patients. Lighting for stage productions, particularly for massive productions for mass audiences such as concerts and shows, has increased in complexity in recent years.
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