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LED surgical lights are used in hospital operating rooms to light up surgical sites on patients. Optical lighting equipment applied on medical operation is typically shadowless and is distinguished from ordinary illuminative devices. Uneven lighting or hot spots will make surface determination difficult during surgical sculpture. Medical procedures demand a light that is bright, basically shadow free, and that can be easily and comfortably adjusted to change both the intensity and the directional aspects of the light. The light output at its highest setting the system should provide a minimum of 25,000 lux (2,500 fc) directed to the center of a 20 cm (7.8 in.) or larger circular pattern on a surgical table. Surgical lights are generally suspended from a ceiling of a hospital room by arm mechanisms that are movable to permit adjustment of the location of the surgical light relative to the patient. The viewing comfort of the surgical personnel is improved when the instruments used by illuminating the surgical suite are effectively controlled for providing intensity or brightness levels that flawlessly illuminate the procedure without causing eye strain. Headlights worn by surgeons can supplement overhead surgical lights, or provide illumination from unique angles. Headlights are very useful for seeing into small access, deep body cavities where the light beam must be parallel to the surgeon's line-of-sight (coaxial). A typical surgical headlight system includes a headband-mounted headlight, a cable, and a light source.
Merivaara Q-Flow LED Surgical Light Brings Perfection to Operating Room Lighting
Merivaara Q-Flow LED Surgical Light Brings Perfection to Operating Room Lighting
Merivaara Q-Flow surgical light delivers incomparable performance of color rendering with an enormous depth of illumination and a wide light field. The ceiling mounted LED surgical light reduces th...
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