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Wall switches and their cover plates are available in a selection of sizes, types, designs, and configurations to accommodate the decor of a room. The switch itself is composed of a protruding toggle which is controlled to activate the electric switch portion within the body of the switch. When the toggle of the light switch is in an off position, the circuit between the power source and the light fixture is open and no electricity is delivered to the light fixture. When the toggle is in an on position, the switch shuts the circuit and electricity is sent to the light fixture. The switch plate cover protects the electric components of the switch. These switches are mounted onto walls for convenient access to those electrical outlets, light fixtures and devices that are electrically connected to an electrical source. Wallplates are available in an extensive selection of materials including, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and plastic, and in various colors. Dimmer switches are employed to cause lamps to provide less light than they would if supplied with the full power from the main circuit. The dimmer switch on the wall adjusts the fixture light output according to the position of a knob or slider in the dimmer. For energy efficiency as well as home mood creation for bedroom, dinning room, party or meeting, a light dimmer will be your choice. Dimmers built with micro-movement functionality make it easier to turn lights on and off or dim them with a soft "tap" of the finger.
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