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A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device which can create a light source of various colors utilizing a compound semiconductor material such as GaAs, AlGaAs, GaN, InGaN, and AlGaInP. Generally speaking, the LED chips need to be packaged to offer mechanical support, electrical connection, optical guidance, and heat flux path to outside. Following that, the LED packages are integrated into systems as a function unit. An SMD (surface mounted devices) LED is an LED package manufactured by soldering light-emitting diode package structures onto a circuit board utilizing a surface mount technique. The SMD housings are typically fabricated from plastic and can be termed asplastic leaded chip carriers (PLCCs). SMD housings generally feature an LED chip connected to multiple metal leads formed from a leadframe and can optionally include a heat slug. The power is supplied to the circuit board and is delivered correspondingly to p-type electrodes and n-type electrodes of light-emitting diode chips through lead frames of the light-emitting diode package structure to have the light-emitting diode chips produce light. The surface mount package is generally categorized into two types, one of which is a Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC) in which the square-shaped 32-pin package is provided with leads extracting in a T-shaped way from four sides of the package and has a figure dimensioned more compact compared to a DIP package, and the other of which is a Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier (CLCC) with leads extracting in a T-shaped way from four sides of the package. The SMD LED package has advantages in compact design, low cost, high lumen output, low lumen depreciation, efficient heat dissipation, and more flexible in system integration. These LEDs have high reliability performance and are made to work under a broad range of environmental conditions. This high reliability feature makes them ideally fitted to be used under illumination application conditions. SMD LEDs are named by their sizes. SMD 2835, for example, the most well known SMD configuration on the market and offers the best cost / performance among the SMD packages, are called this way because the dimensions of the chips are 2.8mm x 3.5mm. Other SMD chips available on the market including 3014, 3528, 4014, 5050, 5630, 5730, etc. Typical lighting products for LED chips packaged within SMD housings include for example, but are not limited to, LED light bulbs, LED tubes, LED panels, LED linear light fixtures, LED strips, LED downlights, LED flood lights, LED high bay lights. Top SMD LED manufacturers includes Cree, Bridgelux, Philips LumiLEDs, Osram, Epistar, Samsung, Seoul Semiconductor, LG, Honglitronic, Sanan, MLS, ETi, Everlight, Nichia, Sharp, etc.
Best Mid-power LEDs (SMD Packages)
Best Mid-power LEDs (SMD Packages)
High luminous efficacy, low cost and small footprint make mid-power LEDs a universal choice for residential, commercial and office lighting. However, these SMD packages are prone to degradation or ...
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