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Solar Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Ningbo UTEC Electric Co., Ltd. (LUTEC)
  • Ningbo UTEC Electric Co., Ltd., growing out of a die-cast factory that produced bulkhead lights and classical garden lanterns, is now the leading design and manufacturing powerhouse for a wide range of light fixtures which are being marketed under ...
  • Products: LED wall lights, LED bollards, light poles, LED solar lights, PIR security floodlights, LED work lights, LED deck lights, LED recessed ground spots
  • Jiangsu Sokoyo Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Sokoyo Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. is a vertically integrated manufacturer of solar lighting products. The company holds a leading position in the global market for offering efficient, cost-effective and low maintenance solar lighting solution...
  • Products: Semi-integrated solar street lights, all-in-one (fully integrated) solar LED street lights, wind and solar hybrid lighting systems, solar pathway lights, solar wall lights, solar post tops
  • Blue Carbon Technology Inc.
  • Blue Carbon Technology Inc. (BCT) offers a full range of solar LED lighting solutions for the most critical outdoor applications while leveraging a unique combination of innovative technology and application expertise in photovoltaic systems and so...
  • Products: Wall mount solar courtyard lamps, solar LED streetlight systems, integrated solar street lights
  • Shenzhen Intefly Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Intefly Electronics Co., Ltd. is a highly specialized manufacturer of solar LED street lighting systems including integrated solar street lights, solar garden lights and intelligent solar street lighting systems. Established in 2005, Intef...
  • Products: Integrated solar LED street lights, solar garden lights, intelligent solar street lighting systems
  • Zhuhai Leadsun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Leadsun is a forward-thinking solar street lighting manufacturer that has been at the forefront of sustainable lighting technologies since 2005. For over a decade Leadsun has been delivering technological innovation to the off-grid lighting marketp...
  • Products: All-in-one solar LED street lighting systems
  • Jiangsu Beier Lighting Electrical Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Beier Lighting Electrical Co., Ltd. is one of China\'s leading designers and manufacturers of roadway, area and landscape lighting fixtures. With a focus on sustainable practices, value engineering, responsible manufacturing and unparallele...
  • Products: Roadway luminaires, high mast lights, decorative post lights, landscape pathway lights, bollard lights, non-integrated solar street lights, all-in-one solar street lights, solar/wind hybrid street lights, solar courtyard lamps, LED digital tubes, LED wall
  • Shenzhen Century Sunshine Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Century Sunshine Lighting designs and manufactures integrated solar LED street lights that transform the power of the sun into attractive, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly and reliable off-grid lighting solutions. Leveraging its fully-in...
  • Products: Integrated solar LED street lights
  • Zhongshan Boxin Solar Co., Ltd.
  • Boxin Solar is an established manufacturer of solar lights, home solar electric systems, solar energy kits and solar panels. Building on its expertise in solar technology, Boxin has pioneered many innovations in solar lighting and offers a diversif...
  • Products: Solar lanterns, solar camping lights, solar flood lights, solar reading lights, solar motion sensor lights
  • Jiaxing Zhongdian New Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Jiaxing Zhongdian New Energy Co., Ltd. (ZDEG) specializes in solar street lighting systems designed specifically for outdoor off-grid applications where electricity from the grid is not available or other lighting infrastructure is very unreli...
  • Products: All-in-one solar street lights, semi-integrated solar street lights, LED street lights, LED flood lights
  • Cixi Landsign Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
  • Cixi Landsign Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a market-driven manufacturer of a wide selection of decorative LED lights and landscape lights. The company has 10 years of accumulated experience and know-how in making a diversified portfolio of solar...
  • Products: Solar path lights, solar bollards, solar deck lights, solar patio lights, decorative solar lights, solar string lights, solar wall lights, solar wall packs, hummingbird solar lights, solar landscape lights, solar stakes, animal solar lights, solar rock li
  • Wenzhou Sorbo Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Wenzhou Sorbo Technology Co., Ltd. is a premier designer and manufacturer of portable lighting products, electronic gadgets, handy travel tools, solar-powered camping gear, promotional items, power banks and rechargeable batteries with built-in USB...
  • Products: Multifunction LED lanterns, LED flashlights, solar lanterns, silicon lanterns, LED tent lights, LED headlamps, motion sensor night lights
  • Anhui Longvolt Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Anhui Longvolt Energy Co., Ltd. is a premier manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, battery management systems (BMS) and solar street lights. Started as a prime energy system supplier to the lighting industry, Longvolt expanded its core competencie...
  • Products: Intelligent solar street lighting systems, solar roadway lights, solar pathway lights, solar garden lights, solar security lighting systems, solar traffic lights, solar insect killers
  • Shenzhen Socreat Electronics Technology Limited
  • Socreat Electronics Technology Limited specializes in designing and manufacturing solar powered LED street lights. The company provides a complete set of end to end solutions for locations where grid power is unavailable or grid connected ligh...
  • Products: Solar LED street lights, wall mount solar LED street lights, intelligent solar street lights

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