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A book light is commonly used to deliver a source of direct light to illuminate a page of a document to facilitate easy reading. A durable and sturdy top quality book light can be used for multiple purposes such as reading paperback or hardcover books, illuminating for your e-reader, camping, tasks for example repairing a watch, or other hobbies. It's bright enough to light up clearly without heavy glare and features two easily adjustable brightness settings. Not only is it reliable, functional, versatile and affordable, but it can also be powered via USB into a portable power bank or by batteries or any standard wall outlet. The gooseneck enables customers to make precise adjustments easily, even during a performance. Its energy-efficient LEDs are durable enough to resist the rigors of tear down and travel. Superb task lighting for art, music stands, painting, sewing, and for a DJ. Well suited for traveling in a car, airplane, on vacation or outdoors. Use in bed or for camping, emergency, BBQ, at the office, or anywhere you want a little extra light.
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