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LED Tap Lights

An LED tap light or puck light is a compact and battery powered LED luminaire that can be conveniently mounted with stickers to illuminate countertops, closets, pantries, storage shelves, stairways, and other everyday spaces...just about any surface--no wiring or plugs needed. Along with lighting dark spaces around the home, the stick-on lights also work nicely when on trips, whether in the car or RV, on a boat, or when camping. Simply stick the lamp on any flat surface and save yourself the electrician expenses of wiring a light bulb. The low profile light comes built with energy-efficient LEDs and casts a bright white beam of light and will outshine incandescent tap lights for longevity and brightness. With infrared sensor, the light detects ambient light and stays off during daytime or in bright conditions. When in darkness and set to automatic, advanced passive infrared sensors spot motion within a certain distance. It's designed to provide folks with convenience in darkness, which can be great for bedroom, baby room, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, oil depots, roof, door, garage entrances and other places. These portable lights are well suited for illuminating places where conventional lighting fails and bright enough to ensure safety in seniors' and children's rooms, washrooms, hallways, and on staircases. The adhesive pad affixes to most surfaces, so you can mount the night light vertically or horizontally in virtually any location.
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