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Novelty lighting provides unique and colorful designs to light up a contemporary living space for added sparkle and shine. Novelty lights are decorative, eye-catching gadgets, which is a simple and easy way to enhance the atmosphere in special occasions such as Christmas celebrations, home parties, and themed gatherings. Color changing lights can catch the eye and motivate your mood. Sparkling and twinkle lights adds a festive glow to your event. Animal themed lamps create a playful and fun environment, a great option for the kids' rooms. Visually appealing lighting shines your personal tastes and true colors when you want to express your inner voice to your friends and colleagues. Lava lamps, book lights, figurine lamps, flameless candles, salt lamps, fiber optic lights, string and rope lights are among the many novelty items that will brighten and accent your space in style. Solid-state light sources, light emitting diodes (LEDs), organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), can produce a wide selection of pleasing effects for display and illumination. Lighted ornamental icicles, for example, provide enhanced decorative flair with cascading lighted effects. These novelty lights may also include sensors and so the illumination might change in line with environmental conditions or a user input. Additionally, these unique items may include an interface to a network, so that these novelty lights may be controlled via the network.
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