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Lava lamps, also known as liquid motion lamps, are decorative lamps in which a globule or globules of one liquid is suspended in another liquid, and the application of heat to a transparent or translucent container triggers connection currents that give rise to the display of the globule or globules simulating the flow of volcanic lava. A visually enjoyable product, the lamp transforms the colorful wax into countless, mesmerizing formations. Lava lamps typically come with a sealed transparent container that carries a colorful fluid. The fluid may include various immiscible components which include dyed liquids, solids and gases. The fluid may be circulated or agitated inside the container to generate random flow patterns and fascinating visual effects. Noted for its iconic shape and hypnotic flow, this type of illuminated glow light produces a fun and cozy focal point for your house, office or dorm room. An LED lava lamp creates the illusion of fluid movement with the color changing LED lights that illuminate the liquid chamber. The LED light module is concealed within the base and heats and lights up the fluid through the glass bottle and an opening in the base. The wax undergoes a continuous solid-to-liquid-to-solid phase transition as it is heated and cooled thereby causing it to rise and fall within the water. Interesting visual effects arise from the motion of the wax. The entire unit exhibits your timeless sense of style and appreciation for unique decor.
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