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Fiber optic lighting systems are used in a range of applications to provide a cool, flexible, safe source of light. In fiber optic lighting systems, a bundle of fibers, connected at one end to a remote light source, is led to a light emitting spotlight luminaire whereby the light is discharged on the subject area to be illuminated. Based upon the desires of the designer, the light received on the fiber optic bundle can be extended, shaped, concentrated, and directionally targeted. Fiber-optic lighting operates by propagating light along an optical fiber. One end of the optical fiber receives light from a light source for example an illuminator. After the light gets into the optical fiber, the optical fiber directs the light along its length by internal reflection. The light then emerges from the other end of the optical fiber with negligible loss. Fiber optic lighting is an enjoyable and decorative way to add accent lighting to any living space. Accent lighting in cool blues and greens will give your room a relaxing, mellow vibe, while warmer reds and yellows can cast a more sensual, energetic glow. They have all the colorful charm of a lava lamp or disco ball, and the additional benefit of color changing LED bulbs on some versions. Fiber optic light is safe, power-saving, durable and flexible. It is an awesome gift for your friend or family.
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