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Neon lights are very popular in commercial applications as decorative enhancements, information communicators and back lights to showcase architectural features or to display names, logos and the like. Advertisers and business establishments make extensive application of neon lights to express a message and their appearances have grown to be acceptable to customers. High visibility, even in daylight, they are fantastic to highlight your message, and give people the information they want to know in a bright, colorful way. The brilliant, uniform, and colorful light distribution emitted from a neon light draws in attention making neon signs an effective advertising medium. Excellent for displaying in your shop, bar, pub, club, restaurant, room and anywhere you care about. A conventional neon illuminating sign often makes use of argon based tubes as a light source. The argon based tubes always has mercury in it. The gasses introduced into the tube affect the neon light color. Neon emits an orange red glow. Argon with a droplet of mercury generates an ultraviolet light. The interior can also be coated with several types of phosphors that react to ultraviolet light and produce colored light in the visible spectrum. These components can bring polluting material that needs to be removed upon disposal of the signs. Nonetheless, neon signs are fragile, high voltage, energy intensive, monochromatic devices with inconsistent life patterns. They are also labor intensive and require licensed tradesmen for installation and replacement. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) convert electrical energy into distinctive colors of light. Tradition gallium arsenide LEDs radiate red light when electrically stimulated. Advances in LED technology and material science have enabled semiconductor manufacturers to generate very bright LEDs in many different colors. LED lighting offers a number of advantages over neon lighting. LED signs are not only appealing in their design, but has dramatically reduced energy consumption rate than the similar neon sign products. Animation on/off switch enables you to turn the light motion feature on and off with a flick of a finger. Bright LED lights attract attention and carry foot traffic to your business. LEDs do not require transformers that boost voltages to dangerous levels instead LED's operate at low potentials of 3 to 24 volts. LED's can effortlessly be packaged in a variety of safe materials and do not need large breakable tubular lead crystal structures. LED brightness may be easily controlled with very quick response making it possible for visual effects not possible with neon lights.
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