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Marine & Offshore Floodlights

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Marine floodlights are used on recreational and commercial vessels as well as coastal and offshore facilities such as offshore oil platforms, shipyards and shipbuilding facilities. Designed to hold up to demanding tasks and harsh marine conditions, these versatile fixtures can be installed almost anywhere onboard, interior or exterior to perform as dedicated flood and area lights. With a focused spot beam, these lights provide far reaching concentrated illumination and perform as marine searchlights capable of performing a range of tasks. LED technology has revolutionized marine lighting and enabled the design of high output marine floodlights with a compact form factor. LED floodlights offer powerful illumination to outperform halogen floodlights with high intensity white light for homogeneous illumination while providing all the reliability, maintenance and energy saving advantages of LED technology. Engineered out of heavy duty die cast aluminum and applied with a robust electrostatically marine-grade finish for scratch and corrosion resistance, marine-grade floodlights have been specifically for applications subject to high vibration, frequent salt water spray and corrosive atmospheres all in a completely sealed housing. Explosion proof LED floodlights are designed for installations where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to the presence of flammable or explosive gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust OR ignitable fibers.
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