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Underwater lighting has become a vibrant component that delivers extreme brilliance to enhance your boating experience. Underwater boat lights are installed on the transom, side hull or the bottom of a boat and cast a glow that improves the visibility and appearance of the waters under and around the boat. LED lighting pushed the boundary of performance and control of underwater lighting with its full spectrum colors and excellent compatibility with advanced lighting control to create unique color combinations, patterns and modes. The housing of an LED underwater light is typically made of marine grade anodized aluminum, stainless steel or thermally-conductive polymer to withstand the harshest environments. The leak proof construction is virtually unbreakable and has been pressure tested before shipment. The single color or RGB LED light engines are operated under 12 or 24 volt DC power source through a built-in or external driver. The optics can be specifically designed to produce a deep concentrated or wide flat beam for strong light penetration or dispersion.
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