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Turn signal lamps are provided on the front and rear portion of the vehicle and are designed to signal a turning operation by the vehicle. The turn signal lamps may be incorporated into other existing exterior lamps, or be standalone lamps on the vehicle. Activation of the turn signal is generally by hand movement of a turn signal assembly for example a turn signal stalk, button, switch, or the like. On automotive vehicles the turn signal actuator is generally a turn signal stalk which is located on the left side of a steering column, movement of which typically corresponds to the intended direction of vehicle. A side turn signal lamp is mounted integrally with a side mirror of a vehicle and is used to notify a change of the drive direction of a host vehicle to vehicle drivers, pedestrians, etc. present in sideway or rearward directions. Turn signal are of a different color, for instance such as orange or yellow instead of red, but sometimes they too are red and simply just flash intermittently to warn other drivers of an upcoming turn. The intermittent flash is supposed to identify the steady brightened nature of brake lights, but depending on owner actions such as tapping or pumping the brakes, this may also provide inadequate warning to other drivers.
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