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Stop lamps are employed to provide a consistent warning light to the rear of a vehicle or train of vehicIes, to indicate the intention of the driver to reduce speed or to stop. It is very important for a driver to maintain a safe distance from a vehicle ahead while driving in order to avoid the possibility of a car accident. Consequently, stop lamps that illuminate when a brake pedal is pushed down are provided at the rear of a vehicle. The light emitted by the stop lamps warns a driver following the vehicle from behind to maintain a safe distance by indicating that the brake pedal is being pushed down by the driver. A center high mount stop lamp (CHMSL) is used in a variety of vehicles for providing a secondary means of warning or signaling when a vehicle's brakes are applied. The high mounted stop lamp is finding ever increasing use on motor vehicles, passenger cars in particular, to supplement the stop lamp system as well as provide a signal through intervening vehicles to drivers of following vehicles. Such stop lamps are particularly advantageous in situation where the conventional outboard brake lights are obscured by one or more vehicles interposed between the lead vehicle and a following vehicle. Typically a CHMSL is mounted at or behind the vehicle rear window. Some supplemental stop lamps are mounted high on the interior surface of the rear windowpane.
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