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Lighting fixtures for use in bathrooms and vanities, can be purchased in a number of designs. Mirror front lights are designed to provide illumination to ensure that anyone is able to get a relatively clear look at their face, hair, and also other body parts. Numerous types of fixture designs have been used in an effort to provide appropriate lighting. Mirror vanity lights are typically arranged in a horizontal row over a mirror for delivering light downwardly. Modern and linear design distinguishes the LED bathroom mirror light from other ordinary lights and definitely will offer your bathroom a new ambiance. Made with stainless steel and frosted acrylic, this vanity light looks concise and stylish, and complements with most modern bathroom design and decoration, the light is emitted from LED source and render artistic mood by going through the frosted acrylic. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendly. LED technology saves up to 80% less electricity than conventional light bulbs. Elegant, simple design and exceptional workmanship.
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