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Night Lights

Smart Atmosphere Light | Rechargeable LED Tealight, Flameless Bluetooth Mood Candlelight
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Smart Bedside Table Lamps | Color Changing, Tunable White LED Night Lights
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Adot UFO Eye-care LED Night Light | Beautiful Baby Nursery Bedside Table Lamp
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Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensor LED Night Light
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Yeelight Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light | Battery Powered Night Light
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Night lights have been widely used in  bedrooms, passages, closets, stairways, steps corner, attics, bookshelf, bathrooms, basements, hallways, garages for the purpose of illumination, indication and decoration. Night lights provide a unique utility in that particular they give a practical lighting function to a user during nighttime conditions in an indoor setting. Night lights have a lamp socket for holding a lamp and a switch which operates to control the flow of electricity or power to the lamp. Night lights may incorporate a lampshade for partially blocking light from a lamp to avoid glare. Night lights that may be plugged into wall receptacles are often used to provide low level illumination in a dark room or hallway. When used in a bedroom, a night light will give sufficient light to allow a person, upon waking, to move around the room without banging into furniture, a doorway or such and still offer an ideal environment for sleeping. LED night lights release a bright white beam with no heat, together their swiveling heads allow users to route their light in the direction it's most desired. To help save energy and bulb life, each night light features a photoelectric eye sensor that turns the lights on at nighttime but keeps them off in the daytime. The high quality long-life LED means no light bulb changes. A portable nightlight in the shape of a friendly owl facilitates light the way for your little one during bedtime, treks to the potty, or scary dreams. Designed with little hands in mind, nightlight comes with an easy-grasp handle for portability and one-button operation for simplicity of use. Battery-operated LED motion sensor lights switch on and off automatically. When there existed substantial ambient light in the environment as for example during daytime, the sensor and associated electrical circuit would keep electrical current from flowing to an electrical bulb, and the night light would be switched off. When the ambient light fell below a certain level, as in the nighttime, the sensor and attached electrical circuit would now send electrical current to a light bulb and the night light will be turned on. Night lights provide a relaxing and reassuring way to a person who has uneasy feelings resulting from nighttime conditions, and provide the light at a low enough level so they won't overtly disrupt the sleeping conditions of the user.
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