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Picture lights and display lights have been commonly used in public establishments (e.g., museums and galleries) to light up paintings, prints, photographs, awards, artifacts, plants, flowers, and aquariums for enhanced visual effects. Sensibly engineered for functionality, aesthetics and quality, these lights make use of an ultra-efficient circuit in conjunction with an energy saving LED bulb to bring you unparalleled brightness and battery life. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are free of infra-red or ultra-violet rays, are cool to the touch, and won't cause damage to those special objects exhibited under these lights. The adjustable light heads swivel independently to point light exactly where you need it. A generous, uniformly distributed warm white light comes from the picture light, providing you with a warm color rendition. With a high color rendering index (CRI), both the reds and blues of artwork are enriched into full color. Long-lasting LED bulbs present you with a dimmable warm glow and are controlled by switch or with the included remote. A dimmer attaches to the adapter cord and is small enough to hide behind the painting, or can be mounted on the wall below your painting for convenient brightness adjustment. LED lighting barely generates any heat as opposed to traditional incandescent light bulbs. Low heat is extremely important for any artwork; a cooler  environment can protect and preserve your piece of art. An impressive battery life means that you can illuminate your paintings for longer than most battery operated picture lights. LED battery-operated picture lights offer an array of flexibility for showcasing wall art and décor because no wires or outlets are required.
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