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Bathroom Vanity Lights

Contemporary Bathroom Light Fixture | LED Vanity Light, LED Bath Light, Bathroom Wall Light
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A vanity light is a task light fixture designed to illuminate bath vanity and mirror areas in homes, hotels, and many other residential and commercial applications. General lighting alone cannot address very well the task lighting requirements. The most important bathroom lighting is at the vanity where makeup, shaving, grooming and other personal care activities are performed. Vanity lights are mounted either vertically to the sides to provide vertical cross illumination or in a horizontal row above a mirror for projecting light downwardly. Vanity light fixtures can be highly decorative, however utilitarian considerations always come first. Vanity lighting is designed to provide comfortable, shadow-free illumination that is flattering to skin tones. Balancing form and function, a horizontally arranged vanity fixture design consists of an extended bar nestled with multiple lights adorned with shades in a variety of styles, silhouettes and materials. LED technology lends sophistication, energy efficiency as well as design freedom to vanity lights. Integrated LED linear fixtures offers a touch of sleek, minimalist style that is adaptable to many bathroom spaces.
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