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OLED Lighting Fixtures

Quality lighting is of the utmost importance to create pleasurable and productive environment in residential and commercial spaces. OLED lighting fixtures are a compelling candidate to enhance the human experience with high quality lighting and breathtaking aesthetics that perfectly complement a wide range of interior decor. OLED lighting not only provides great potential for high efficiency lighting when compared with conventional incandescent or fluorescent sources, but also has tremendous advantages over LED lighting. Great technological advances in solid state lighting are profoundly changing the way light was generated. As solid state light sources, both LEDs and OLEDs share the functional advantages and benefits which include high energy conversion and optical efficiency, excellent durability and reliability, lower operating and maintenance costs, impressive lighting controllability, and significantly longer operational lifetime, etc. Nevertheless, OLEDs offers some unique features that distinguish OLED lighting fixtures from LED alternatives.

OLEDs make use of thin, self-emissive layers of organic compounds, such as a hole transport layer (HTL), an emission layer (EML) and an electron transport layer (ETL), sandwiched between an anode and a cathode to generate light when a voltage is applied between two electrodes. It is this structure that gives OLEDs unique optical and physical properties. The holes injected from the anode and electrons injected from the cathode recombine in the EML to generate a pool of light across the entire OLED panel surface. Hence OLEDs are surface emission devices as opposed to LEDs which're point light sources that require additional optical systems to optimize light distribution and filter out harsh glare or ghosting. To realize uniform surface emission, for example, multiple LEDs are secured to the edge of the waveguides such that light is emitted homogeneously across the panel through total internal reflection. With OLED lighting, the light source emits light through the entire surface of functional layers and illuminates a wide area evenly. OLED light panels are ultrathin and lightweight. The electrodes and functional layers in an OLED structure are only a few nanometers thick each and the total thickness of an OLED panel can be less that one millimeter. Furthermore, OLEDs can be produced on flexible and even rollable substrates, which means the OLED light panels can be bent or curved.

OLED's surface emission property as well as its ultrathin profile and flexible lighting capability offers an unprecedented level of flexibility in terms of design and application. The high quality light is another big selling point that makes OLED lighting highly prospective. The broad wavelength spectrum enables OLEDs to render colors with amazing accuracy. The soft, high CRI light combined with unique physical property is highly appealing for lighting designers, manufacturers and consumers. OLED light panels can be used to create lighting fixtures with striking designs that push the boundary of imagination to create innovative and artistic structures. OLED lighting fixtures such as ceiling lights, pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights provide distinctive design statements and superior lighting experiences for an extensive range of interior lighting applications.
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