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Industrial Strip Lights

130/160/200W Surface & Suspension Mount Linear LED Strip/Shop Lights
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Industrial strip lights are the most economical and utilitarian light fixtures that provide task and general ambient lighting for surface mount ceiling applications warehouses, supermarkets, retail shops, parking garages, production lines, and other industrial and commercial facilities. These elongated fixtures may be fabricated from code-gauge cold-rolled steel or extrusion aluminum and house a plurality of T5/T8 linear fluorescent or LED tubes. They can be mounted beneath the ceiling as stand-alone fixtures in constrained spaces or in a trunking system of fixtures joined together by connectors in continuous runs in wide-open interior spaces. However, it is often difficult for fluorescent strip lights to combine both form and function into a light fixture assembly, which is increasingly required in modern architectural spaces. With the advent of the efficient solid state LED lighting sources, industrial strip light fixtures have been developed that utilize either LED tubes or integrated LED modules as their light sources. The significantly improved energy efficiency, longer operational lifetime, as well as design flexibility make LEDs highly viable for linear lighting applications that were previously the realm of maintenance heavy fluorescent lights. Integrated LED industrial strip lights provide a higher-end look to the fixture that enhances the look and feel of modern architectural applications and yet incorporate premium performance and construction durability.
Best LED Shop Lights
Best LED Shop Lights
LED shop lights are linear light fixtures that are designed to provide general lighting and/or task lighting in a variety of commercial, industrial, and retail environments.
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