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LED Low Bay Lights

Round Low/Medium Bay LED Lights | Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse Lighting Fixtures
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LED Low Bay Lights with Driverless AC LED Light Engines
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Industrial Metal Pendant Light Low Bay LED Lighting
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In the lighting industry, "high bay" and "low bay" lighting generally relate to the space and the height of the ceilings involved. Low bay luminaires are typically designed to offer adequate vertical illumination for spaces with mounting heights that are less than 20 feet above the floor. Low bay lighting solutions are employed in various general purpose, industrial, and commercial illumination environments, such as the illumination of parking structures, transportation garages, warehouses, assembly areas, gyms, hangars, retail spaces, showrooms, and the like. Low bay applications are frequently mounted in close proximity to each other, and sometimes the fixtures may even touch one another.

The low bay spaces are typically seen among large indoor facilities such as factories, warehouses, large retail shops, athletic facilities or gymnasiums, etc. Lighting in these facilities has long been dominated by high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems which include metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. The downsides to using HID light sources are the use of excessive amounts of energy, poor color rendering, diminishing lumen output over the life of the luminaire, no choices of color temperatures, and deficiencies in high efficiency electronic ballasts to power the HID light sources. Fluorescent lamps have become an alternative choice to HID and metal halide lamps in many applications. The negative aspect with the traditional fluorescent lamps is the large number of luminaries required to illuminate a large area and the lack of efficiency. They falls short of the intensity needed for large spacing between lamps at high mounting levels.

LEDs provide a number of advantages over conventional lighting sources, such as dramatically reduced energy consumption, higher efficiency, longer life, and enhanced visual design. LED lamps are compact, rugged, powerful light sources, an excellent option for illuminating large indoor spaces with a crisp, white light. These systems are able to operate reliably in a wide range of ambient temperatures, with a large number of fixtures specially engineered to operate in demanding environments such as hazardous locations. Low bay LED fixtures are designed for low ceilings in manufacturing, warehousing, and other large industrial spaces. They are also suitable for use in manufacturing areas, food service, and assembly lines, and can be employed to upgrade conventional HID and fluorescent lighting systems. The enclosure incorporates integral cooling fins for efficient heat dissipation and increased LED longevity. The waterproof aluminum housing is powder coated for increased durability and resistance to corrosion. The LED lamp assembly is protected by a shatterproof polycarbonate lens that is properly secured to the enclosure with a waterproof seal. These LED low bay fixtures have instant-on capabilities, a capability not typically associated with HID (high intensity discharge) lights.
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