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Vapor Tight Lights

Linear Vapor Tight LED Light Fixtures | Waterproof Garage, Carwash, Warehouse, Cold Storage Lighting
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Vapor tight lights are enclosed-and-gasketed, heavy duty luminaires designed for maximum performance in commercial, institutional and industrial environments where weathering, high temperature, incidental water spray, humidity and dust or corrosive fumes are present. LED vapor tight fixtures provide superior, long-lasting light solutions for retrofit and new construction applications where efficiency and style are as important as reliability, dependability and remarkably reduced operating costs. These durable LED fixtures have a rugged construction that includes a full metal fixture liner inside a reinforced fiberglass housing that provides superior structure strength and ensures optimal heat dissipation. The lenses are made of UV-stabilized, injection-molded, impact-resistant, clear transparent and frosted acrylic or polycarbonate. The lens flange fits snugly into integrated liquid silicone perimeter gasket forming a continuous seal. The snap-on stainless steel clips, positive lock over center cam latches fasten the lens with fiberglass housing securely in place. The LED modules and driver are mounted on an aluminum core printed circuit board which is chemically bonded to the housing for improved thermal dissipation that translates into optimized lumen output over extended lifetime. Available in diverse fixture sizes, broad range of lumen packages and numerous control options, LED vapor tight lights are aesthetically enhanced, performance engineered alternatives to fluorescent solutions with significantly higher efficacy and reduced cost of ownership. These state-of-the-art, energy efficient LED fixtures provide superior lighting for wet and hazardous environments such as food processing facilities, warehouses, parking garages, refrigerated spaces, car washes, laundries, maintenance areas and stairwells.
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