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LED Cleanroom Lights


Cleanrooms are very important components of many manufacturing processes. A cleanroom is a room wherein the concentration of airborne particles is restricted, and other relevant parameters, e.g. temperature, humidity, and pressure, are controlled as indispensable. Within the cleanroom there will be an array of electrical fittings, each adding its own challenges to the final room quality and operation. A cleanroom lighting fixture enclosure is constructed to separate its internal lighting components against environmental dirt, dust, moisture and various other performance-inhibiting elements. Cleanroom lights are equipped for resisting leakage from the room or the plenum into the light fixture (IP65 classification within IEC 60598) and can be easily cleanable and disinfectable, manufactured with toxin-free materials and corrosion resistant to eliminate surface contamination. LED cleanroom lights provide an enhanced level of environmental control and cleanability. The spectrum of LED specifically presents a vital advantage for use in clean rooms: the light fixture produces simply just pure light, with no ultraviolet or infrared radiation. Light control systems in some products provide design versatility and ease of installation and maximum energy savings. Cleanroom light fixtures are well suited for general purpose cleanrooms, pharmaceutical cleanrooms, biomedical labs, food processing facilities, hospitals and wet locations.
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