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LED Cleanroom Lights

T8 LED Yellow Light Tubes for Lithography, Clean Rooms, UV-sensitive Areas
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Cleanroom lighting is a vital component in cleanroom facilities to maintain an ambient system with a low level of environmental pollutants, such as dust, airborne microbes, pollen, bacteria, aerosol particles, moisture and various other performance-inhibiting elements. A cleanroom is a room wherein the concentration of airborne particles is restricted, and other relevant parameters, e.g. temperature, humidity, and pressure, are controlled as indispensable. Within the cleanroom there will be an array of electrical fittings, each adding its own challenges to the final room quality and operation. A cleanroom lighting fixture enclosure is constructed to separate its internal lighting components against environmental dirt, dust, moisture and various other performance-inhibiting elements. Cleanroom lights are designed, engineered and constructed for environmental performance in a variety of applications including research labs, pharmaceutical research and development, vivarium and biosafety labs, food processing plants, semiconductor manufacturing facilities, and surgical suites. These sealed lighting fixture enclosures provide general illumination in areas requiring less stringent performance specifications with ingress protection against dust and moisture by separating their internal lighting components from the surrounding environment. Cleanroom lights are equipped for resisting leakage from the room or the plenum into the light fixture (IP65 classification within IEC 60598) and can be easily cleanable and disinfectable, manufactured with toxin-free materials and corrosion resistant to eliminate surface contamination. LED cleanroom lighting address four critical cleanroom and containment lighting issues associated with conventional fluorescent fittings: contamination, spectral control (UV), costly and frequent maintenance and replacement, and architectural aesthetics. The spectrum of LED specifically presents a vital advantage for use in clean rooms: the light fixture produces simply just pure light, with no ultraviolet or infrared radiation. LED cleanroom lighting systems feature an unprecedented optical and energy efficiency while providing many years of virtually maintenance-free operation. LED fixtures not only provide exceptional performance, energy savings and serviceability, but also are ideally suited to applications where leakage protection, ease of cleanability, corrosion and pressure decay resistance are of paramount concerns. LED cleanroom light fixtures are available in different sizes and styles with enhanced aesthetics that complement a host of modern architectural spaces.
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