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Portable LED Flood Light 65W COB IP65
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Work lights, also known as "utility lights", are extensively used in automotive repair centers and various other repair and construction facilities. Work lights are useful lighting devices with wide applications for delivering illumination in rugged environments like for example workshops, garages, campsites, and many other places. Such work lights are frequently in a form that can alternatively be handheld or hung from an elevated object such as a raised vehicle hood. Incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs are well-known lighting sources employed in work lights. Despite the fact that such bulbs are competent at providing sufficient illumination, they have the disadvantage of being fragile and, consequently, requiring fairly large or bulky enclosures to protect the bulbs from breakage. LED work lights are compact and can be installed to a work surface or hung under the hood of the automobile for illuminating a general area of the vehicle. Attributable to their compact size, LED work lights can be placed in the trunk of the car and used at nighttime in the event the motor vehicle breaks down or require maintenance. Compared with incandescent and fluorescent work lights, LED work lights are able to survive drops than are work lights with glass bulbs. Besides that, LEDs do not in general operate with parts hot enough to ignite flammable materials, so even falls that do lead to breakage are less likely to trigger fires than are similar falls of work lights which use glass bulbs. Portable LED floodlight is designed for illuminating large areas. Its adjustable head pivots improve maneuverability and make it possible for light distribution  at the desired angle.  The portable LED light body is constructed from a thickened cast die aluminum. Proprietary lens and reflector design take full advantage of light output and beam angle. Shock-proof LED will not burn out from impacts. A cushioned grip handle that features a convenient three way instant on/off switch. Whether at the job site, garage, or camp ground, this efficient, lightweight, and rechargeable LED work light is the perfect companion.
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