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LED Work Lights

Round LED Work Light for Construction Vehicles, Forklifts, Tractors, Off Road Equipment
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Square LED Work Light for Off Road Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Farm Machinery
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LED work lights are auxiliary lighting equipment designed to illuminate the work area around a vehicle or mobile work station so as to improve visual awareness and alertness, and increase productivity of both machines and operators. These outdoor lighting systems are specifically developed for demanding work environments and off road equipment applications. These versatile luminaires are installed on a multitude of equipment, including agricultural and forestry vehicles, construction equipment, mining vehicles, forklifts, tractors, service vans, municipal vehicles, emergency vehicles and off-road vehicles. Advances in LED technology bring work lights to a whole new level of performance, reliability and energy efficiency that far surpass that of HID lighting systems. Outstanding light output in a compact form factor enables design flexibility not previously possible. The solid state nature of light emitting diodes provides for greater resistance to shock, vibration and wear, which is a highly desired advantage in heavy duty outdoor applications where reliability, safety and durability play a critical role.

LED work lights typically include a rugged housing constructed from die-cast aluminum, which allows greater heat dissipation and provides durable protection for the optical elements and electrical components of the luminaire. The aluminum housing acts a heat sink and is designed with radiation fins to maximize the total ambient contact surface area. The heat generated from the LED junction is evenly distributed through the internal assembly which is thermally interfaced with the heat sink. SMD or COB LEDs are mounted in the optical assembly to deliver high-quality light in small, cost-efficient form factors. With secondary optics such as reflectors and lenses, various light patterns, e.g. narrow, pencil and spread beams can be achieved to suit every individual lighting applications. LED work lights typically have built-in circuits to protect LEDs and associated components from reverse polarity input, voltage spikes and short circuit faults. Integrated thermal protection allows LED work lights to operate at the extreme range of temperatures. Fully sealed housing provides watertight integrity. Powder coated aluminum housing and impact-proof lens ensure high corrosion resistance.
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