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Gas Station Lights

HiGas X LED Canopy Lights
  • HiGas X LED Canopy Lights
  • The HiGas X LED canopy lights are designed to offer an outstanding combination of high performance and maximum value not found in any other LED canopy fixtures. Innovative system design combined with the latest, most robust LED technology creates a fully ...
  •   Shenzhen AGC Lighting Co., Ltd. 
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ATEX Explosion Proof LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations, Drive-thru Buildings
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LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations, Outdoor Utility Areas
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Gas station lights are used to provide clean, safe and inviting illumination to ensure safety of drivers and pedestrians movement and maximize the level of visibility for better readability. These luminaires are mounted to a horizontal ceiling or canopy support structure that covers the gas pumps either by direct attachment to the structure or completely recessing them into the canopy. LED gas station lights provide dramatically improved lighting performance with reliable, consistent, high-quality white light while offering substantial gains in energy efficiency over the extended life of the fixture. LED Gas station lights typically feature a low profile construction. The housing is made of die cast aluminum with integral heat sink for maximum heat transfer, powder coated with a thermoset polyester finish for superior weatherability and corrosion resistance. Targeted optics minimize pixilation concerns to provide outstanding performance, uniformity and glare control. The LED light engines are protected by heat and impact resistant, UV stabilized, polycarbonate lens to deliver superior uniformity and precise optical control. A glare-reducing optical system may be utilized to to enhance visual comfort and minimize pixilation concerns. The lens is sealed from the outside environment with a silicone gasket and provides ingress protection against water and dust. A driver provides independent current control, temperature and surge protection or can be optionally integrated into the overall control system of the gas station for advanced lighting control.
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