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Architectural perimeter lights are wall and ceiling­mounted LED luminaires used to define interior or exterior architectural perimeters as well as create patterns of light in space. Ever since iGuzzini introduced its Trick series integrated LED luminaires designed to create various effects including light blade, wall washer and radial, a whole new line of products emerged in the market. Blending innovative optical design with cutting edge LED technology, these lights are not designed to meet illumination requirements, but to allow architects and designers to add rhythm to space with vertical, horizontal and sloping lines. The concentrated, clearly defined beams of light form geometric textures or generate dramatic redefinitions of artificial light that usher in a new relationship between lighting and architecture. By utilizing a toroidal lens a radial effect can be created to produce a gently graduated wash of grazing light from a central dark spot that emphasizes surface texture. LED perimeter lights with washer optics add a gentle wash of light that decorate vertical or horizontal surfaces with atmospheric effects. The spectacular light beams run parallel or cross over architectural surfaces and create impressive scenes, perfect for outlining wall, door, corridor, window and portico perimeters.
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