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Landscape Flood Lights

RGB LED Flood Lights (10W 30W 50W 100W 110W 180W 220W)
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Landscape flood lights are primarily used for illuminating an area, surface or object to create visually interactive spaces in the landscape. Landscape lighting designers and installers take advantage of various sorts of lighting techniques to create a cohesive lighting design for aesthetic enhancement that brings the subject alive. Landscape flood lights are critical light fixtures in softscape lighting for accenting, grazing, moonlighting and shadowing trees, shrubs, and other plants that landscape a building or area. With pure, crisp white light or full spectrum RGB light, LED landscape flood lights create a vivid and harmonious ambience in the landscape. Characterized by high performance, energy efficiency, weather-tight construction, low maintenance and easy installation, LED flood lights incorporate all of the functionality required for applications where uniformity of hue and precision color temperature are a necessity. These lights can be operated standalone, master slave with built in pre-programmed effects or integrate seamlessly with DMX-512 controllers, advanced show control systems, occupancy sensors, and building automation systems.
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