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SMD2014 Flexible LED Neon Rope Lights | LED Neon Flex
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SMD5050 RGB Flexible LED Neon Light
  • SMD5050 RGB Flexible LED Neon Light
  • SUR-5050NFRGB60B LED neon flex lights from Surmountor Lighting are developed to duplicate the effects of neon lighting while delivering design freedom that was never possible with traditional neon glass tubes. In addition its seamless illumination and visual intensity comparable to glass neon, the flexible LED neon lig...
  •    Shenzhen Surmountor Lighting Co., Ltd. 
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SMD2014 Corner Mount LED Neon Flex Rope Light
  • SMD2014 Corner Mount LED Neon Flex Rope Light
  • Surmountor N1212 corner mount LED neon flex lights are designed to provide a seamless line of glow in the corner of two planes which meet at a 90 angle. With a maximum run length of up to 50 meters, the flexible LED lights are the perfect solution to adding a classic neon appeal to the joints of architectural spaces su...
  •    Shenzhen Surmountor Lighting Co., Ltd. 
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A rope light is a rope like structure containing a number of lights, such as subminiature light bulbs or LEDs, embedded in a PVC tube which lined up by electrical wires. Rope lights are used in ordinary decorating to accent particular areas of a living room, gathering room, or certain pieces of art as well as for display for various holidays. The LED rope light is your must-have decor for holidays and parties. Small LED bulbs encased in flexible PVC tubing enhancing durability and allows for easy bending into shapes to create mesmerizing effects. Utilizing energy saving LED bulbs, these lights are designed to provide the same output as traditional incandescent lighting, while using a fraction of the power and lasting up to 25 times longer. Colors can be swapped and changed to different colors with the included power connectors. The heavy duty UV protected flexible clear PVC outer tube is heat and water resistant, therefore this product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Decorative LED ropes are commonly used to produce visual effects at homes and in business locations around the holiday seasons. With its flexibility and versatility, plus a wide range of accessories, the rope light is perfect for inside homes to line steps, bottom or top of cabinets, valances, sliding doors, windows or entertainment center. These lights are also commonly used outdoors to outline decks, patios, pathways, driveways, stairs or for the holidays. The LED rope can be cut in increments for the perfect size needed. Provided connectors allow you to splice and extend LED rope light, or adding other LED ropes in a continuous strand.
LED rope lights include a linear array of solid state LEDs, enclosed in a rugged, weather resistant PVC-silicone based flexible tubing which may contour any angle and be molded into any shape. The PVC encapsulation is UV stabilized and has heat-resistant additives to efficiently avoid discoloration and hardening. They are as visually attractive as neon, nevertheless have got all of the advantages of LEDs. A durable as well as fully water-proof alternative to traditional neon lighting. Offering designers and architects the capability to reduce energy costs at the same time still realizing the traditional neon look. High durability, low energy consumption and exceptional flexibility make these lights the most suitable substitute for conventional incandescent or fluorescent neon lighting. The LED neon rope can be trimmed in increments for the perfect size desired. Colors can be swapped and transformed to different colors including red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Ease of installation makes LED rope lights ideally suited for border tubing, architectural lighting features and perimeter lighting in addition to signage and lettering. These versatile LED light ropes are perfect for decorating for any special event or sprucing up the house and business including signage, holiday decoration, architectural feature lighting, shop fitting, bar and hotel feature lighting.
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