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LED Digital Tubes

A digital media tube is an IP66/IP67-rated slim LED tube for any wall or facade media lighting. These linear LED lighting fixtures are designed for dynamic lighting effects. Digital media tubes are ideally suited for exterior accent and contour lighting applications, and also low-resolution graphics which has a resolution of up to 150mm (6in) per pixel. They are typically made use of by lighting designers to illuminate media facades, film and television sets, touring stages, architectural treatments, bridges, and tradeshows. These RGB lights transform any building into a dynamic communications medium and they are conveniently mounted over any building surface, conforming to a structure’s distinctive shape and design, allowing unlimited message delivery selections, opening a wide spectrum of potentialities in exterior and interior accent lighting design. They are robust, flexible and extremely energy-efficient products which can accent linear and curved surfaces or highlight architectural details, featuring neon-like brightness and uniformity in a range of rich colors. Available in 295mm, 495mm, 995mm, and 1495mm lengths, multiple light tubes may easily be daisy chained on one power run. The DMX-512 control make the product simple and easy to introduce a rich imagination to the architect by lighting designers. Completely sealed and impervious to shock and vibration, the long-life energy saving LEDs allow for ease of design, installation and maintenance for both interior and exterior applications.
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