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LED Wall Washers

DC24V LED Wall Grazers | Outdoor Façade Linear Wall Washing Light Fixtures
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Linear Outdoor LED Wall Washers | Color Changing LED Wall Washing Light Fixtures
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High Power LED Wall Washer, Linear Flood Lighting, Outdoor Light Bars
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Waterproof Architectural LED Wall Washers | RGB & Single Color Outdoor Wall Wash Lighting
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Outdoor LED Linear Wall Grazing Fixtures
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Narrow Beam LED Projector for Window/Corridor Edge Lighting
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Ultra Narrow Beam Wall Spot Projector
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Lighting fixtures are frequently mounted on buildings and other structures. Beautiful and tasteful facade lighting makes the structure shine to attractive effect. Wall washers are installed directly on or immediately in close proximity to a wall, and are designed to create a uniformly distributed 'wash' of light on the wall surface, delivering high-quality intelligent color and white light from the same fixture. Wall washers provide uniform illumination and attracts attention to a large area and accentuates textures on vertical surfaces. From buildings to landscapes, LED wall washers meet the requirements of lighting designers and architects by enabling users to accurately target a full spectrum of saturated color and high-quality white light, while offering a vibrant new array of lighting possibilities, granting an unprecedented level of design freedom. The RGB LED wall washers generate dynamic, full RGB color mixes, producing up to millions of colors. Proprietary design features provide proper heat management to ensure long life spans. They are an excellent option for indoor and outdoor applications, capable of illuminating mansions, theaters, casinos, gardens, bridges, shopping centers, theme parks, and entertainment plazas with efficiency and stylish effect. They can operate in Independent mode and DMX mode, which can produce various color changing effects, such as flashing, fading, steady, color temperature change, seven color jumping synchronously etc. Multiple controllers can be connected together to create large scale synchronized lighting effects. Housing and base with built-in driver are fully sealed for use in wet locations (IP65). The fixture is fully enclosed in a stylish and rugged die-cast aluminum housing and meets or exceeds specifications for use in wet locations.
Cameo Outdoor RGBW LED Wash Light Adds Splendor to Building Facades and Landscape Architectures
Cameo Outdoor RGBW LED Wash Light Adds Splendor to Building Facades and Landscape A...
The Cameo ZENIT W600 outdoor RGBW LED wash light adds drama to building facades, bridges, architectural structures, show arenas and theater stages with theatrical-grade lighting. An advanced approa...
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